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1-3-2018, 12:59

Permanent Residents Visa transfer to new passport

, Bart


I am Dutch born and grew up in New Zealand for 20+ years before coming back and settling in NL.

I last transferred my PRV (valid indefinitely according to the one in my old passport) to a new NL passport in 2004 and have since had a couple of passports where it hasn't been in.

Does anyone know if I will have a problem transferring it to my current passport which I got a few weeks ago? I have the old passport the PRV is in and will take it with me.

Also I want to go to the immigration office next time I'm there on vacation since all the post options seem a bit flaky and unclear I'd rather do it in person. Is the Auckland Office in Queen Street the only physical office you can go to these days? If so can you make an appointment and where?

Met Vriendelijke Groet,

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7-3-2018, 0:03

Re: Permanent Residents Visa transfer to new passport

, ingrid

It's probably best to ask Immigration New Zealand to get an authoritative answer.

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